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In a nutshell



Creating beautiful & practical spaces that you'll really love & get the most from -

beautiful, stylish, practical, intelligent, positive for wellbeing & the environment

Soulful spaces you'll love being in, inspired by you & the things you hold dear, to support & uplift you to live out your aspirations, be your best self & live your best life

Stylish & practical design that serves you by anticipating your needs, so life is made easy, with all you need at your fingertips & more time on your hands for fun






Considered, stylish design with an appreciation for crafts(person)ship, quality, materials, heritage, character, ergonomics, manufacture & sustainability

Intentional design such as ergonomic kitchens, playful Children's rooms that nurture imagination & confidence, offices that inspire motivation & foster team participation

A beautiful palette of colour, pattern, texture & materials, with scale & contrast, appreciation for the antique & the contemporary, the natural & the (hu)man-made

Attractive home organisation solutions to help you can find & store the things you need with ease, saving you time, energy & drama, creating space that feels calm






Appreciation for the richness of the material & the value of light & space, cherishing the tangible glow imbued & bestowed by individual objects & stewarding each well

Conscious of our connectedness with & reliance upon the natural world, working to source sustainably, reduce & manage waste, to protect the wellbeing of all life

Preserve the integrity & unique character of heritage heirlooms that whisper stories of our ancestry to leave a legacy of inspiration for future generations through restoration

Incorporation of natural & seasonal elements that ground & nourish our roots, embedding our union with the environment & honouring our symbiosis with ecology



About me


Creating spaces that help you live your best life - that celebrate & champion you, that set you up to thrive (succeed) from the every day small stuff to your long term dreams

My background is in socially applied art, creating & curating art exhibitions & projects that engage community groups.  As well as running workshops with young people, I was an ambassador for the issue of Human Trafficking for a non-for-profit

I am a member of Plastic Free Peckham & have been involved in the Peckham Business Forum & a previous member of Peckham Levels



Tricia Guild

Founder of Designers Guild

William Morris

Textile Designer, Poet, Novelist, Social Activist

Marie Kondo

Organisation Consultant, Author & TV presenter

Bobby Berk

Interior Designer & Presenter of Queer Eye

"Colour makes the heart sing, touches the soul and gives joy to the spirit.  Searching for this special feeling is my life’s passion"

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"

"When you surround yourself with possessions that spark joy, you'll create a home & a life you'll love"

"If people are happy in their homes, it spills out into the rest of their lives"

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