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Bedroom tips for Valentine's Love In!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Whether you're coupled up right now, inviting love in or enjoying a glorious bed you can stretch out in, inventing in the space you rest and rejuvenate each night is an investment IN yourself and your relationship. These are my top tips for creating relaxing bedroom spaces.

The Bed

The bed is really the central feature of the room. A great headboard creates drama, protects the walls and gives you a comfortable back rest for sitting up. A frame with legs creates the illusion of more space in smaller rooms and if you're clumsy like me, go for smooth edges.

Clear out the monsters under the bed - junk, filing, the debris of exes and dust. Don't sleep on a to-do list of stuff you know you need to get around to dealing with. Create a clearing on which you can rest more peacefully, then take a deep breath in and relax into it.

Don't sleep on a to-do list of stuff you know you need to get around to dealing with.


I recommend using cotton mattress and pillow protectors to give extra cushion and a longer lifespan. Feather or foam, plumping your pillows and duvet will restore their condition by separating the fibres for a more comfortable, less lumpy, night's blank, -wink.

Super soft cotton or linen sheets create a plush feel. Sit pillows upright on their narrow edge and stack forwards adding one or two decorative cushions at the front. I also love the look of a long bolster. Then layer a blanket or throw casually for added texture and warmth.

Bedside tables

Matching bedside tables create a calm, balanced look. A style with a drawer or shelf will keep the bits you invariably need, close at hand, whilst looking clutter free. Pair back, the books, shelving those, not currently on the go. Add bookends, water carafe and coasters.

Chests of Drawers

You may find it helpful to have matching chests of drawers instead of bedside tables to create more space for clothing storage or in place of a dressing table. If positioning beside a bed consider the heights and go for chests that are ideally, not much taller, than the bed.

Dressing table

Having a dedicated area for drying your hair, putting on your daily or getting glam, makes being a beauty queen a doddle. It's the ideal place for keeping fragrance, hair accessories, jewellery and your facial routine, plus a plant, candle or other decorative accessories.


Great storage is key to helping a space feel serene. Start with a good sort out. Invest in matching hangers. I like slim velvet or wooden ones. Clear any piles of clothes and add a hook for an outfit to leave out plus one for a dressing gown, perhaps on the door.

Say it with me, 'matching hangers'!

Bespoke joinery can be ideal for maximising space with a configuration of short and long sections. Integrated drawers and shelves work well for shoes and other accessories. Hanging clothes helps ease of access if you allow space for the hangers to move freely.

If you're buying a freestanding wardrobe, think about investing in pieces that can travel with you and cater for the volume of your clothes. If you're placing furniture is an alcove, allow a gap around, so it doesn't feel squashed in which can actually make space appear smaller.


Incorporate a variety of lighting such as bedside lights to read by and good light for applying make up, as well as soft mood lighting to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Dimmable lighting is ideal and if you don't have to get out of bed to turn it off, so much the better.


You may like to add an occasional chair or a couple if you have space. An ottoman can be a great place to store linens. I like to incorporate a full length mirror, laundry basket, plants and artwork in my designs to make a space feel super practical and energising.

Window dressing

Full length curtains add grandeur and softness to a room. Increase the sense of height by taking the pole closer to the ceiling. A voile can add simplicity and romance with added privacy. A simple light black out blind and decorative curtain can also work well.

Colour and Texture

Incorporate a palette of colour, materials, patterns and textures with contrasts to create depth and warmth to your scheme. Choose colours you feel naturally drawn to, perhaps the colours you wear and respond to most.

Think, things that make you go, 'ooo'.

Think, things that make you go, 'ooo'. Let your best hotel get away experience, be your guide to create a space you want to be in and that makes you feel, excellent. Include tactile fabrics that feel great to sink into enabling that quality of life every night of the week.


While getting your room ready, open the window and let any stale air and energy float away as a breeze of fresh air enlivens the room with the scent of the season. Place flowers in a vase, light candles, tuck a gift under the pillow and a chocolate on the turned down sheets.

Create time for intimacy that isn't necessarily the final thought at the end of an exhausting day. You can hang up a silk nightdress, kick off your slippers and slip into something more comfortable, bring joy and mischief, kind gestures and kisses, any time of the week.

Bring joy and mischief, kind gestures and kisses.

Alternatively, enjoying breakfast in bed on a tray, reading books or leafing through magazines. Snuggling up with the kids and their favourite toys and letting the pets loll over the sheets, are all glorious ways to spend a morning or indeed an afternoon on Valentine's.

Final tips

Here's a few things you can do very simply:

  • Clear the decks to create tranquility

  • Don't work in bedroom if you can help it

  • Don't have a TV in the bedroom

  • Reserve the bedroom for intimacy and rest

  • Put electrical devices in drawers

  • Tidy and hide wires

  • Add pairs of objects such as bedside tables, pillows, artwork and candle sticks

  • Shelve books, filing and items you don't need to access in the bedroom

  • Consider what you need to store and keep close at hand when choosing furniture

  • Add bookends to make areas clutter free

  • Add plants, flowers, candles and simple decorative objects

If you'd like more help with your space, do get in touch.

Happy Valentine's!

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