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Invite SPRING IN with these Tender Homemaking Tips!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The snow moon has past and our ears and eyes are pricked like eager bunnies, for the tender signs that we are allowed outside! All around life bursts forth determinedly, pushing green shoots through the still chilly soil celebrating its victory in a carpet of Spring colour! Hoorah!

It is the time for nest building, plumping and preening. Twiggy homes are lined with feathers and prepared for visitors. And like the birds, we can make ready, release the winter's grip and its slumber and harness the energy and embrace of a fresh new season, feeling perky!

Positive Energetic Vibes

Like new shoots, instinct orientates us around the feeling light and space create in us. It is the passage of air and light flowing freely, renewing the vibrations of a room, that guides the principles of Feng Shui in its mindful positioning of furniture and possessions and where I start.

Let in Light

Make the most of the longer days by drawing the curtains right back to let in as much light as possible. Extending the pole, so the fabric sits against the wall, will make windows appear larger. Position furniture so you face the light, perhaps pull over a chair to sit by a window.

Clean the Windows

Remove any items blocking light from coming in. Clear off window sills and give everything a good clean. Choose a few special, select objects, to position on the sill. Those that catch the light, along with living plants, are especially good. Their positive feels should fill the room.

Let in Fresh Air

Fling open the windows and doors as wide as you can, including the internal ones, using doorstops if you need. Relax with a tea while you let the house breathe, drawing in fresh air from front to back. It is a liberating feeling as the breeze sweeps through the entire house.

Start with Suds

Cleaning, dusting and polishing, is a caring act of love towards your home, that renews the lustre, colour and vibrancy of each of your things and is especially important to revive and protect finishes like wood and stone. Natural, waste-free products will add to the invigoration.

A Fresh Lick of Paint

Over time walls gather dust and can become dull. After a clean, a fresh lick of paint is one of the fastest ways to transform a room. Match your existing colour or switch things up. A bright ceiling will bounce light back into a room and it's a great time to tackle any new cracks.

"You have to allow a certain amount of time in which you are doing nothing, in order to have things occur to you, to let you mind think." Mortimer Adler

Clear the Decks

Clearing out, literally creates the commodity of space. It enables room to move and access things with ease. Piles of stuff, especially on floors, subconsciously lead to stress and fatigue. Decluttering frees the mind of exhaustingly, endlessly processing, enabling us to fully relax.

Rethinking space can stimulate the creation of new thought patterns and enable creativity to blossom, so ditch what no longer serves or allows bad memories to linger. Swop negative energy, for a home that helps you create the future you want, by preparing for it to land now.

A Spring Could-Do List

Start where your instinct guides, with the things that niggle and are most bothersome. These will make the biggest, most immediate impact on your home-life experience. Unloved corners, cupboards or drawers could become homes for new crafts, a bigger workspace or a Tiki bar!

Perhaps write a list to get ideas out of your head or use my prompts for some spots to start. Get joy filled satisfaction as you tick your way through the list. Use a long weekend and don't be afraid to ask for help from friends with fresh eyes. Crack on with Easter chocolate as fuel.

A could do list - Sorting & Cleaning
Download PDF • 598KB

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." William Morris

Switch things Up

Taking everything down from walls and shelves as you clean, is a great chance to refresh and re-dress your home, switching up what has prominence for the season ahead. Choose things you love, that lift your mood and resonate with your soul, and put them back in different spots.

Live your Life Fabulous

Your space is an extension of you, an expression of your personality, a chance to explore, express and ground your personality and values. Life is too short for uninspiring dullness so fill it with fabulous things that are 'You'! Enjoy it, be creative and let it evolve with each season.

Spa-like Soak

At the end of all that you'll probably be ready for a nice long soak so create a bathroom oasis of blossom buds and plants. Roll up towels and layout a freshly laundered bath robe and slippers. Fill a jar with lavender infused bath salts and plunge into a tub of aromatic suds.

Exfoliate to stimulate and wake up each cell until your skin tingles. Light candles and take this moment at the start of the season to invest in yourself, creating a moment of calm that says, "You're bloody brilliant and you're doing amazing!" Ahhrrrr...

New Life In

Plants harmonise and fragrance the air, reminding of our intrinsic connection to nature and the environment. Receive their imbibing health benefits and instil a deeper consciousness that their energetic nourishment and transformation is the same cycle of growth that sustains us.

Clear a sunny spot and plant seeds. Watch their tender stems bob and leaves gently open as they grow. Draw on them as inspiration with a sense of expectancy. They wink at things yet to unfurl in the year ahead, a visual representation of potential embedded, rooting in our lives.

Enliven with Fresh Flowers & Foliage

Add fresh bulbs, tender buds and blossoms in vases and pots around the house, inviting their story of new beginnings and the promise of greater things to come. It's a glorious opportunity for things to shine as everything is poised for splendour and the allure of good things ahead.

Enjoy Into You

Get up early to sit quietly in the light. Crack a window ajar and sip tea in a blanket with the breeze on your cheeks. Listen to the morning song of birds being busy. Enjoying shimmering glass, a sweet treat, watching seeds grow on a window sill and taking some deep breaths.

Internal Zing

Grind cardamon seeds and add them to freshly ground coffee as it's brewing. Finely chop slithers of lemongrass, pour over boiling water and add a wedge of lime. Squeeze lemon into fridge cold water, add ice, a juicy slice and springs of mint for an enlivening elixir.

"If people are happy in their homes, it spills out into the rest of their lives." Bobby Berk from Queer Eye

Wellness Unfurls First at Home

The space around us has a massive impact on our wellbeing. It can burden or uplift, help us unwind or stress us out. It can calm, encourage, support, inspire, motivate and nourish, giving us the capacity to unlock our creative potential, draw families closer and communities together.

My passion is creating spaces that help serve you and your families to live your best lives!

If you'd like some help, home organisation, interior design, a mini makeover or to add some seasonal touches to your space, I'm here to help.

Joyful Spring Tidings!

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