"Katie was wonderful to work with from start to finish. The attention to detail and time she takes on each element of the design was really amazing. She knew exactly what would and would not work with our space, and was so adaptable working with our ever changing budget. The layout of options provided at the end of her consultation phase were easy to understand, so we had full clarity on what to expect and could move seamlessly into the delivery stage of the project. Katie was always willing to go the extra mile and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone looking for an end to end interior design service, which is excellent value for money without compromising on the quality."

Aoife Byrne, Head of Sales, Peckham Levels

"Katie is a very creative soul who really knows how to make the most out of a room.  She helped me turn two "blank canvasses" into beautiful spaces for my daughters. Katie has a very collaborative approach and I was impressed by how she took the time to get to know the personalities of my daughters and really think about their needs for the future as they grow.  She also embraced wholeheartedly my requirement to follow certain ethical considerations in my purchasing choices, which is something I greatly appreciated.  Katie was great company and invaluable at navigating her way through the myriad of choices that one is presented with in interior design. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Katie."

Judith, Wimbledon

"Katie designs the most beautiful rooms!  She combines her intuitive wizardry and creative skill to curate space that gives off the warmth and wellbeing of home whilst fulfilling the particulars of your needs be they work, family or otherwise. Her genius comes from a deep understanding of people which she uses to interpret a 'room' that inspires the best of yourself."

Johnny, Earlsfield

"Katie worked with us to design OursYours, a micro hotel supporting neighbourhood projects and local makers. She managed the whole process from start to finish - visualisations, interior design, sourcing materials and furniture, budgeting, recycling, directing helpers at a maker weekend and pitching in to paint, drill and sew to see us ready for launch. Huge creative flair, wide knowledge of styles and trends and impressive attention to detail. We would recommend Katie for any creative projects."

Laura and Ben, co-founders of OursYours microhotel, Whitechapel

"I didn’t know where to start and felt overwhelmed by all the choices I had to make for my daughters' bedrooms. I had an idea of what I liked, but didn’t have the confidence or knowledge on how to pull it all together.  This is where Katie came to the rescue! She turned an uninspiring, bland space into a creative, imaginative and tastefully decorated room, cleverly planning each room to make the most of the space available, reflecting my children’s personalities without compromising on function or style."

Farah, Earlsfield

Katie worked with me on a project in our home, to create a family friendly craft room in what had become a storage/dumping ground. Katie has the ability to look past an abandoned, sad mess of a space and see how to utilise it to its full potential. What she created for us was so far beyond what I had envisaged or would have been able to dream the space could become. She sensitively used pieces we already had as well as introducing new finds, to breath new life into the room and really give it a purpose. She is able to take a basic design brief and breathe magic through it, to deliver something far more than you could have hoped for!

Meg, Earlsfield

Curator of beautiful things.

Daisy, Bournemouth